Indian Medical Association - Kerala Branch

IMA Connect User Guide

IMA Connect is the platform  for connecting the members of IMA Kerala State Branch to the scheme offices.
IMA members can view their membership in schemes of IMA KSB on their page of IMA connect.
They can view their membership status in schemes, get notifications of their dues, make payments in the schemes, and print receipts.
All those who are members of IMA Kerala State branch and a member of any of the schemes of IMA KSB are already members of IMA connect.
They can log in to IMA connect with the email given to the scheme office and OTP generated in their mobile given in the scheme.
After logging in for the first time, they can create a password after going to their profile and then can log in next time with the email as log in id and the password.
If at the time of logging in, you get a message that the email is not registered, please contact IMA State Headquarters staff in charge of IMA Connect, Mr. Kiran and verify the email given.
If there are any errors in your profile  or changes in your page in IMA Connect please contact him for correcting the same. 
Member’s address and professional qualifications can be edited by the members themselves.

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