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Patient Care Scheme

The Patient Care Fund Scheme is a holistic philanthropic endeavour established by IMA KSB. Its primary goal is to offer support to patients seeking modern medical care. This support encompasses providing vital information, facilitating access to medical resources, and extending financial aid when required. Additionally, the scheme aims to meticulously record and consolidate welfare initiatives undertaken by medical professionals, hospitals, and laboratories within the realm of modern medicine across the state. This inclusive initiative extends its reach to encompass all local branches of IMA KSB.
The fund's financial reservoir will be nurtured through contributions from medical practitioners, healthcare organizations, and the general public, including corporate entities.
Patient Care Scheme for the Year 2021-22:
Originally initiated as the Patient Care Fund in the year 2015, this endeavour underwent a renaming in 2017, henceforth being referred to as the Patient Care Scheme.
Objectives of the Patient Care Scheme:
1. Furnishing comprehensive assistance to patients receiving modern medical care.
2. Systematically recording patient welfare initiatives undertaken by the modern medicine community at the state, district, and local branch levels.
3. Creating a substantial corpus fund to support these objectives.
4. Establishing a network of healthcare organizations (HCOs) throughout Kerala to effectively fulfil the aforementioned goals.
5. Instituting a dedicated helpline to cater to the needs of patients seeking modern medicine healthcare, accessible via telephone.
We are reaching out to you with an opportunity to make a significant impact on the lives of individuals in need through the Indian Medical Association's (IMA) In-Patient Care Scheme. Your expertise, compassion, and willingness to contribute can truly make a difference in the lives of patients and their families.
The IMA In-Patient Care Scheme is a remarkable initiative aimed at providing comprehensive medical care to patients who require hospitalization. As a respected member of the medical community, your involvement can enhance the reach and effectiveness of this noble endeavour.
Fundraising and Donations: Contributing financially to the scheme enables the IMA to provide essential medical services to a larger number of patients. Your support can help cover medical expenses, medication costs, and hospitalization fees for those who may not have the means to
afford them.
Your involvement in the IMA In-Patient Care Scheme will not only benefit the patients directly but also enrich your professional experience and personal satisfaction. Your contributions, no matter how big or small, have the potential to create a lasting impact on the healthcare landscape.


A/c  No. -36729602945  (IMA Patient Care Scheme)
MICR : 695002002
P.B.NO.14, M.G.ROAD,
Branch Code :941
Branch Phone :2478252

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