Indian Medical Association - Kerala Branch


Enrollment of Members

            Eligibility (Rule 12): Any person registered with a Medical Council in India on the basis of his/her medical qualification as defined in the Indian Medical Degrees Act 1916 (Act VII of 1916) and included in the schedules to the Indian Medical Council Act, as amended from time to time, shall be eligible for membership. 

Membership Application Forms

            Membership Application (M.A.) forms are available from the State Office and in Couple members should fill up separate MA forms.  The Branch Secretary should sign the M.A. form and forward the same to the State Secretary.

Headquarters Fund Contribution (H.F.C.)

            All payments to Headquarters should be in the form of DD (Cheque is not acceptable) in favour of ‘The State Secretary, IMA Kerala State Branch’, Payable at Thiruvananthapuram.  In rare cases cash is acceptable during Office hours against receipt from Accounts. All HFC to State HQ should be accompanied by Form ‘A’ and ‘B’ duly filled (Form ‘B’ should contain full Name and Postal Address of all the members) and signed along with a covering letter from the branch secretary.  The rates of HFC from 01.04.2019 are as follows:

               Types of Membership                                    Rate

           New Life Single (NLS)                                     Rs.18,000/-

           New Life Couple (NLC)                                   Rs.28,000/-

           Life Single to Life Couple (LSLC)                Rs.10,000/-


MA Form, Form A, B, C, D

Document 1: Click here to view

Document 2: Click here to view


IMA Kerala State

A noble venture began on 1st July 1987
Aimed at providing immediate financial Assistance to family in the event of demise of a member
Social Security Scheme with highest membership strength
With you always, Along & After!
Be Secure – Multiple Privilege System

Benefits of Joining SSS1

Fraternity Benefit to your nominees upon your demise
Financial assistance to the member in the event of any emergency, duly recommended by the concerned IMA Branch (subject to approval by managing committee)
An Investment of highest assured return.
Easiest Scheme to JOIN
Smallest amount to JOIN
Option of One Time Payment and relax forever!
Be Secure – Multiple Privilege System*

  • Privilege Card
  • Loyalty Points
  • Annual Gift Voucher


  • A member pays only about Rs 10,000/- per year for 20 years in SSS1.
  • An investment of about 2 lakhs done over 20 years yield an assured return between 15 - 20 lakhs 
  • Just like a term insurance which has only a definite term of payment but indefinite term for ASSURED HIGH VALUE return!


Eligibility for membership
Any member of the IMA Kerala State Branch Below the age of 55 years on the day of joining the scheme

Life Membership
Life membership entails lump sum payment of Rs.200000/- to the scheme. No extra payment thereafter.

Ordinary Membership
Joining Fee = Admission fees (based on the age of the member at the time of joining the scheme) + Annual Subscription Fee (Rs 300) To be renewed yearly by paying amount (fraternity contribution + Annual subscription fee) for 20 years

Joining Fee Based on Age

Below 30 years → Rs 1000/- + Rs.300/- = 1300/-

30 to 40 Years → Rs 1500/ + Rs.300/- = 1800/-

40 to 45 Years → Rs 2000/- + Rs.300/- = 2300/-

45 to 50 Years → Rs 2500/- + Rs.300/- = 2800/-

50 to 55 Years → Rs 3000/- + Rs.300/- = 3300/-


 Fraternity Benefits

• On the event of demise of a member, the fraternity benefits to be paid to the nominee / nominees / legal heirs shall be calculated as 150 times      the net membership of the scheme.

• Net Membership is calculated as per the total enrollment on the previous day of the demise of the member.

• Claim form sent to nominees upon intimation of demise of the member.

• Fraternity amount is dispersed as DD in favor of nominees WITHIN TWO DAYS of receiving claim form with all relevant details.

• DD would be handed over to nominees at their convenience in person by concerned IMA branch officials.

Honorary Members
If a member pays every year his annual subscription and fraternity contribution continuously for 20 years, he shall not pay any such contribution thereafter, yet he remains as honorary member of this scheme. For this, 20 years will be calculated from the day of enrollment to the scheme.

Lock In Period

• One year from the date of joining the scheme, provided he was below the age of 50 years, at the time of joining the scheme

• Two years from the date of joining the scheme, provided he was above the age of 50years, at the time of joining the scheme.

Yearly renewal of ordinary membership
Every year Rs.300/- has to be paid as annual subscription for 20 years. Apart from this Rs.200/- for each death occurred during the previous year, for a maximum of 50 deaths in a year has to be paid for 20 years. The exact amount to be paid each year will be intimated by the scheme secretary individually during 3rd week of January. Last date for payment without fine is February 28th and with a fine of Rs.25/- per month thereafter for three months only.

When you join the scheme, you can nominate one or more persons to receive the fraternity benefit. The nominations can be changed at any time in due course if necessary. For this you have to write to the scheme secretary and secretary will send you the proforma for change of nominee. Then print the same on a white paper & forward the duly filled in form to scheme office via branch.

Scheme Certificate
Once your membership is confirmed, Policy Certificate would be sent to the member from the scheme office. For duplicate scheme certificate you have to write to the scheme secretary and secretary will send you the proforma for duplicate Scheme Certificate. The duly filled in proforma with relevant details should be sent to scheme office after getting printed in stamp paper, for value not less than Rs.50/-& attested by a notary/include Rs.500/- DD

Disbursement of the fraternity benefit
In the event of death of a member, the honorary secretary of the local branch will inform the same to the scheme secretary. The scheme secretary will send a claim form to the branch secretary. The completed claim form along with the original policy document and copy of death certificate has to be submitted to the scheme office from the concerned IMA branch. On receiving this, the scheme secretary will verify and once found in order Demand Draft in favor of the nominee/nominees would be send to the branch secretary who in turn will hand over the same to the nominee/nominees at the earliest mutual convenience. The financial help will be provided irrespective of the cause of death of the member.

How to Pay for Social Security Scheme 1?
You can pay your application fee and dues for renewal via or as NEFT / IMPS to



Branch A/C No:- 22050100006765 / IFSC CODE- FDRL0002205

Payment may also be done via cheque or DD in favour of Social Security Scheme 1 payable at Thiruvananthapuram and sent to SSS1 offi ce at IMA Kerala State headquarters.

Be Secure: Multiple Privilege System

Be Secure is a multiple privilege system for the benefit of SSS1 members and their families to redeemed during their lifetime. An array of complementary benefits awaits you as a tribute to your contributions to the fraternity and profession. Our plan is to provide a Privilege Card and a premium gift catalogue to our members. The facilities offered may be those that can be availed once, many times or lifetime. It could be strictly for members or for their family members as well. All active members of SSS1 without any dues would be eligible for the privilege card by default. Both new and existing members including honorary members are eligible for the same. More details can be obtained from SSS1 office.

Yes, Join SSS1, Live in Leisure!


Indian Medical Association Kerala State Headquarters,
Anayara P O, Thiruvananthapuram 695029.
Phone: 0471-2741244. Email:

Download Application Form1

Download Application Form2


The Scheme was launched on 1st April 2004 to provide additional benefits to members on the same principles of the Social Security Scheme I.

Aims & Objectives

  1. The main aim of the scheme is to give financial support to the bereaved family of a member of the scheme in the event of unfortunate death.
  2. Charitable activities to help those who are in need of financial assistance for their treatment at the request of local branches of IMA

Eligibility for membership

Any Life member of IMA Kerala State Branch below the age of 60 years on the day of joining is eligible to become a member of scheme II provided.

  1. A life member of 55 years and below the age of 60 years has a continuous membership of IMA KSB for at least 5 years on the day of joining the scheme II.
  2.  A life member of 45 years and below the age of 55 years has a continuous membership of IMA KSB for at least3 years on the day of joining the scheme II.
  3. For a life member below the age of 45 years, period of continuous membership in IMA is not mandatory.

Admission Fees

Admission fees depends on the age of joining the Scheme.

Age Group

Admission Fee Rs.

Annual Subscription

Total Amount Rs.

Below 30 years




30 yrs. to 35 yrs.




35 yrs. to 40 yrs.




40 yrs. to 45 yrs.




45 yrs. to 50 yrs.




50 yrs. to 55 yrs




55 yrs. to 60 yrs.





The amount has to be paid as DD or Cheque drawn in favour of Social Security Scheme – II payable at Kollam or through IMA Connect

Annual renewal of Membership

Annual Subscription:

Every member of Social Security Scheme – II shall pay Rs.500 as Annual Subscription for a period of 25 years, out of which Rs.150/- will be credited to the family benefit fund and Rs.100 shall be paid to support activities of IMA KSB.

Fraternity contribution:

Every member of the Scheme II shall pay a fraternity contribution of Rs.300/- per death occurred during the previous year, for a continuous period of 25 years.

Honorary Member:

The members who complete 25 years of continuous membership will be made honorary members and will not make any further payment.  They will remain as honorary members of the scheme with all the benefits of an ordinary member.

Member’s disqualification:

Every member of the scheme shall pay the annual membership Rs.500/- and fraternity contribution at the rate of Rs.300/- per death.  The Secretary of the scheme will send individual demand notice in the 3rd week of July showing the exact amount to be paid. The last date for payment without fine is 31st August every year, after which there will be a fine of Rs.100/- per month. If the member does not make the payment within 90 days, a registered notice will be send at the member’s cost. The membership shall stand terminated if the member does not make the payment within 15 day of receipt of the notice. 

Fraternity benefit:

The bereaved family of the member will receive an amount equivalent to 300 times the current net membership of the scheme.  Net membership is calculated by deducting the total number of demises plus total number of resignations plus total number of deletions plus total number of honorary members from the total enrollment number on the previous day of death. The fraternity benefit will be paid to the nominee / nominees/legal heirs only if

  1. the member has been a member of the scheme for at least one year from the date of joining the scheme, provided he was below the age of 55 years, at the time of joining the scheme. 
  2. the member has been a member of the scheme for at least two years from the date of joining the scheme, provided he was above the age of 55 years, at the time of joining the scheme.

How to join the scheme:

Application form can be obtained from our websitewww.imakeralassstwo.comorthe branch secretaries, district representatives and the Honorary Secretary of the Scheme. The filled up application form with the stipulated amount, the document to prove the age and the copy ofIMA  life membership certificate can be submitted to the Branch Secretary or the Honorary Secretary of the scheme. Membership certificate  willthen be send to the new member.

            As per the rules and byelaws of Social Security Scheme II if any member at any time for any reason ceases to be a member of IMA KSB, his membership of the scheme cease automatically

            No dues certificate from the branch secretary along with the payment is mandatory for yearly renewal of the scheme, irrespective of annual / life membership in IMA.

            “For more details please visit:”


Download Application Form1

Social Security Scheme III (SSS III) of IMA Kerala State Branch and is established to achieve the objects mentioned in clause 4 (II) of the Memorandum of IMA Kerala State Branch. It becomes a third phase of the SS Scheme of IMA Kerala State Branch with the special stipulations as given below. The scheme shall be operative with effect from December 2010.

Aims & Objectives of the Scheme III

a) To provide financial assistance to the family of a medical practitioner in the event of his death.

b) To provide financial assistance to the member who has become permanently disabled thereby rendering him unfit to practice his profession during his life time (VIII-2)

c) To run educational institutions, nursing homes, old age homes and palliative care clinics solely for philanthropic objectives without any profit motive.

d) To support the activities of IMA Kerala State Branch.

e) To support pension schemes.

Eligibility for Membership

Any life members of the Kerala State Branch of IMA below age of 65 years on the day of joining are eligible to become a member of SSS III (This will come in force from 1-1-2019).
Note : l. Members who have applied for life membership in IMA KSB can join the SSS III with condition that their membership will be confirmed only after submitting proof of IMA life membership.
Note : ll. (i) Membership comes in to effect only when the IMA Kerala State Social Security Scheme III policy document signed by the chairman and the Hony. Secretary of the scheme, is issued to the member. (ii) The members who join the scheme III before 31-12-2011 are designated as ‘FOUNDER MEMBERS’ of the scheme.

Admission fees


Amount( Rs)

Below 30 Years

Rs. 3,000/-

30 Years but below 35

Rs. 4,000/-

35 Years but below 40

Rs. 5,000/-

40 Years but below 45

Rs. 7,000/-

45 Years but below 50

Rs. 10,000/-

50 Years but below 55

Rs. 15,000/-

55 Years but below 60

Rs. 20,000/-

60 Years but below 65

Rs. 25,000/-

Members Contribution

1. Every member of the SSS III shall pay Rs. 1000/- (Rupees One Thousand Only) every year as annual membership fee for a period of 25 years. Out of this amount Rs.800 will be credited to the family benefit fund and Rs.200 shall be paid to support the activities of IMA KSB.

2. Every member of the SSS III shall pay fraternity contribution of Rs.500 (Rupees Five Hundred only) per death of a member on demand by the Hony . Secretary of the scheme every year for a period of 25 years continuously. After 25 years the member need not make any payment to the scheme but remains as a honorary member enjoying all the benefits of a member. For calculating 25 years date of enrollment into the scheme shall be considered.

Member’s Rights

1. On the event of death of a member, the fraternity benefit to the nominee / nominees / legal heirs shall be calculated as 500 times the then net membership. Net membership is calculated by subtracting total Number of demised members + total number of deleted members + total number of retired members + total number of honorary members from the total enrollment number on the previous day of death of the member and shall be returned to his nominee / nominees / legal heirs as the case may be.

2. On the receipt of the information from a responsible member of the family of a member that a member has become permanently physically disabled there by rendering his unfit to practice his profession, and incurring huge financial burden to the family, such a member can avail, financial help from family benefit fund. In that event of availing financial help from family benefit fund, he shall be considered as retired member and his membership shall stand terminated. The dues to the scheme if any, shall be subtracted from the amount he gets from family benefit fund. The decision of the retirement shall be at the discretion of the Managing Committee.

3. The amount to be paid under clause (1) and (2) above shall be paid as DD payable at the place of the nominee / nominees or legal heirs within one month of the receipt of the information of the physical disability or death as the case may be subject to satisfying all conditions prescribed by the Managing Committee and on surrender of the policy document.

4. In the event of loss or non – surrender of the Social Security Scheme III policy document, the Managing Committee will take the final decision on the disposal of claim

5. The scheme” will start payment only when 300 members join the scheme.

6. The admission fee will be refunded to the nominee / nominees/ legal heirs, in case of death of a member before attaining the membership of 300.

7. On the event of the demise of a member, the fraternity benefit will be paid to the nominee / nominees / legal heirs only if the members has been a member of the scheme for at least one year from the date of joining the scheme, if the member was below 50 years on the joined date in the scheme,And the fraternity benefit will be paid to the nominee / nominees / legal heirs only if the member has been a member of the scheme for at least two years from the date of joining the scheme, if the member was 50 years & above on the joined date in the scheme. (This will come in force from 01-01-2019)

8. Admission fees or Renewal amounts paid by the member is not refundable if the member discontinue the scheme membership by him / her IMA life membership is cancelled due to any causes.

9. If a member wish to discontinue his / her scheme membership; the member is liable to pay all the dues or arrears in the scheme till then. Otherwise he / she will not be able to rejoin in this scheme as a new member in future. If a member discontinued or deleted from the scheme; that membership is not able to revive in future even if he / she paid the dues or arrears till then. (This will come in force from 01-01-2019)

10. Only single membership is allowed for all members, the member and his / her nominee can enjoy the facilities of single membership only. The scheme or office bearers are not responsible for multiple memberships of any member in the scheme. Scheme is not liable to reimburse the amount paid by the member of more than one membership.

Document 1: Click here to view


Any claim arising within the jurisdiction of Kerala State alone will be entertained by the Scheme.

How to join the Scheme

Membership application forms are available with State Office bearers of IMA and the President/Secretary of IMA Branches. The Application form has to be promoted by the President/Secretary of the IMA Branch and sent to the Hon. Secretary of P P Scheme. The membership in the Scheme will be finalised only after verification of IMA membership and clearance from IMA State Headquarters. A member can join for one or more units of the scheme to get additional benefits in multiples and the membership fee for each unit is as follows.

Membership Fee

First Year

Rs. 2000/- (if no claim)

Second Year

Rs. 1900/-

Third Year

Rs. 1800/- ( ” )

Fourth Year

Rs. 1700/- ( ” )

Fifth Year

Rs. 1600/- ( ” )

Sixth Year and there after

Rs. 1500/- ( ” )


Enhanced Protection Unit:

An IMA member, who is also holding at least one unit of PP Scheme can join as a member of Enhanced Protection for more Details Please Contact office.

Renewal of Membership

Renewal intimation letter is sent from the Office before one month of due date. The renewal form should be forwarded by the branch president / secretary. Copy of the forwarding letter obtained from the branch president/secretary can be used for renewal of all the schemes during the IMA year. One month grace period from the due date is allowed by the Managing Committee. Remember the Joining date, Membership Number and Renewal the Membership in IMA and PPS before the due date.


Litigations will be fought up to the Supreme Court of India, to uphold the dignity of Modern Medical Fraternity, subject to the decision of the Managing Committee of the Scheme.

Dropping Out from the Scheme

Members who are not renewing their membership on the due date, a second intimation letter will be sent after 15 days, under certificate of posting, with a copy each to the District Representative of PP Scheme and to the Branch President and Secretary. If the member still does not renew his membership, a registered letter is sent. Even after 15 days from the date of sending the registered letter if the member is not renewing the Membership, the member will be dropped from the Scheme. The dropped member can join the scheme as a new member by remitting the required membership.


1. Never panic.

2. To inform the District Representative of PP Scheme immediately, if any professional problem arises.

3. Send the following details to the Secretary within one week of the receipt of notice/plaint/petition/complaint, with a copy to your District Representative:

(a) The Membership No. in P P Scheme and details of IMA Membership.

(b) Copy of the notice/plaint/petition/complaint and copy of summons/notice in case of Court cases.

(c) Copy of the case-sheet/case records.

(d) A detailed treatment summary with investigation results and giving explanations as needed. Extracts from standard text books or journals in support of the treatment may also be furnished giving name of book, author, edition, volume, page no. etc.

(e) A reply in one’s own words regarding the allegations contained in the notice or complaint, given paragraph wise.

(f) Full contact address including phone numbers, fax no., e-mail, mobile no, etc. should be given without fail.

(g) Please do not send any reply by the member or through any advocate without the permission of PP Scheme Secretary otherwise the member will lose the coverage under PP Scheme.

4. If the case does not fall within the Scheme, a DD for Rs. 2000/- in favour of P P Scheme of IMA, Kerala State payable at ‘ERNAKULAM’; for drafting reply for advocate Notice and Rs. 2500/- for drafting a detailed reply to complaint in court (for IMA doctors who are non-members of PP Scheme), Rs. 3000/- for doctors who are non-IMA and non-PP Scheme members and Rs. 3500/- for institutions and out of State cases.

Address for communications: Dr. SAJEEV KUMAR. P , Hon.Secretary, PP Scheme of IMA KSB, IMA Periyar House, 3rd Floor, Door No. 15/168 B7, Cubicle No: 5, East Desom, Aluva, Ernakulam 683102. Mob:8111916263 , E-mail:


Download application form - PDF


To protect the hospital


The Scheme is liable to pay to a member( hospital), maximum of Rupees Five Lakhs as damages for a single case and for more than one case in a year upto a maximum of Rupees Ten Lakhs.


All the doctors of the hospital should be members of PP Scheme

Membership Fee


Bed Strength

Membership Fee/Year



Rs. 5,000/-



Rs. 10,000/-



Rs. 15,000/-



Rs. 25,000/-



Rs. 30,000/-



Rs. 35,000/-



Rs. 40,000/-



Rs. 50,000/-


Above 500

Rs. 75,000/-

Membership application forms are available with IMA HQ and the PP scheme office. The Application form has to be promoted by the District Representative of PP scheme and sent to the Hon. Secretary of P P Scheme. The membership in the Scheme will be finalised only after verification of bed strength and PP scheme membership of doctors.

Address for communications: Dr. Sajeev Kumar P , Hon.Secretary, Hospital Protection Scheme of IMA KSB,  IMA Periyar House, 3rd Floor,Door No: 15/168 B7, Cubicle No:5, East Desom, Aluva, Ernakulam - 683102  Phone : 0494-2444777, Mob:9287274896, E-mail:


Document application form - PDF

Aims and Objectives

To protect the members and help them in case of harassment, litigation etc, which may arise during the process of their professional practice.

To provide legal aid to the members of the Scheme.


Only Life Members of the Indian Medical Association are eligible to become the members of the Scheme.


Any claim arising within the jurisdiction of Republic of India alone will be entertained by the Scheme.


Membership fee for the first year shall be Rs.3000/-.  Any cause of action from the date of realisation of the membership fee for one full calendar year will be taken up by the scheme.

                     Fist year membership                       Rs.3000/-

                     Second year membership                 Rs.2900/-   (if no claim)

                     Third year membership                     Rs.2800/-   (if no claim)

                     Forth year membership                    Rs.2700/-   (if no claim)

                     Fifth year membership                     Rs.2600/-   (if no claim)

                     Sixth year membership                     Rs.2500/-   (if no claim)

                     After Sixth year fixed payment         Rs.2500/-   (if no claim)

Payment as DD in favour of National PP Scheme of IMA payable at Thiruvananthapuram (Claim up to Rs.10 Lakhs in a single case and Rs.20 Lakhs per year will only be paid by the scheme). Financial assistance up to Rs.50 Lakhs can be availed to join "ENHANCED PROTECTION SCHEME" of membership fees Rs.10,000/-.

NPPS have own webpage:

Member's right

The scheme will contest civil, criminal, consumer or similar cases arising out of a member's medical practice up to the level as decided by the managing committee. Litigations arising out of other actions of the members including the administration will not be dealt with by the Scheme.

Application forms

Available with local branch Presidents and Secretaries.

Unique features of the scheme

Help of IMA friends at the time of need.

Litigations fought up to the Supreme Court.

Help of Scheme Office bearers at every stage.

Vast Data Bank regarding Medico legal cases.

Hony. Secretary:

Dr. A.V. Jayakrishnan

IMA State Headquarters, Anayara P.O. Thiruvananthapuram – 695 029

Tel: 0471-2741144  Mob: 9847004064  E-mail:


Download Application Form

About Us

Medical profession is growing day by day. Patients expect perfect diagnosis and cure from the disease at the earliest. But we know this may not be possible always, which eventually ends in lot of litigations against doctors and hospitals. To get accurate diagnosis and provide treatment at the earliest, we depend on different types of medical equipment, many of them are high-tech and costly. On the other side of the scene, the companies create lot of burden to the customers by frequent price variations, inadequate after sales service, taking high AMC and breaching the contracts. Many IMA members and Medical Institutions requested IMA to set up a body to take appropriate measures so that members are protected from such unhealthy practices.

Finding a dream job is like finding a pearl in an oyster! With the increasing competition, every Health care entrepreneur wants to hire gems of the profession. At the same time, job seekers also want a destination where they can whet their skills and move towards a better life. A unique platform is required to cater the needs of both. At this juncture, IMA present the scheme, “Professional Equipment & Employment Protection Scheme (PEPS)”

PEPS is registered under Travancore Cochin Literary, Scientific and Charitable Societies Registration 12th Act 1955 as “Professional Equipment and Employment Protection Society”

It helps by:-

  • Providing details of Medical Equipment.
  • Providing details of Medical Equipment Manufacturers, Dealers & Distributors.
  • Ensuring adequate after sales service of the Medical Equipment.
  • ‘Employment Bureau’ is a part and parcel of PEPS, which helps by Providing Proper Placement for Junior Doctors, Retired Doctors, Specialists and Super Specialists.
  • Creating a data base on vacancies of medical professionals in hospitals.
  • Standardization of Salary.
  • PEPS is supervising the supply of Bio-medical waste collection bags & Needle burners according to the quality parameters specified by the Pollution Control Board. PEPS will be assuring the quality of these products before supply to the hospitals / clinics. The hospital waste should be collected in these quality assured bags having the PEPS logo. Only then IMAGE will undertake its disposal.
  • PEPS brings out a quarterly newsletter “PEPS VOICE” dealing with particular equipment in each issue.

Liability and Limitations:

The liability of the scheme is limited to

  • The transfer of information regarding various equipment with regard to the request in question which is based on the data available data available on record at the time and to support its members in cases of disputes of quality, working condition, after sales service etc.
  • The transfer of information regarding the availability of medical professionals of modern medicine for job placement and also the vacancies available in various health care institutions based on the data available on record at the time.

PEPS is not an Insurance Scheme

Doctors and hospitals are intimately related in various aspects. If we share our grievances and unite together to fight against the unhealthy practices of the Medical equipment companies, we can make this scheme fly high. So also we can develop a congenial atmosphere for better rapport between health care institutions & medical professionals with the common aim of better patient care.

Eligibility for Membership / Registration a) PEPS Membership

Only Life Members of IMA Kerala State can join this scheme.

This lifelong membership is for general communications on request regarding various instruments of common interest.

b) Beneficiary (Equipment & Employment)

Any Modern Medicine Hospital (Govt./Private), Health Care Institution or Diagnostic Centres in Kerala can register as a 'Beneficiary’ of the scheme’ through a IMA ‘PEPS’ Member.

The registration is only for general communications on request, regarding details of various Medical Equipment, Manufacturers, Dealers / Distributors of Medical Equipment or availability of various Medical Professionals for job placement.

The diagnostic Centres should apply through the Radiologist or pathologist who is an IMA ‘PEPS’ Member.

c) Employment Bureau (PEPS – EB)

Any registered modern medicine doctor can register in Employment Bureau.

The Scheme will help them for placement in Kerala according to their qualifications on payment of Services Charges.

PEPS – EB is planning to have tie-up with reliable agencies in future for placement abroad.

Membership / Registration Fee Structure*

(Subject to change, as per the decisions of Managing Committee of the Scheme from time to time)

  • PEPS Membership - Rs. 1,000/-
  • Beneficiaries of the Scheme - Rs. 2,500/- *(50% concession for registering hospitals/institutions owned by PEPS Members)
  • Employment Bureau: Graduates / Junior Doctors - Rs. 500/-; Post Graduate Specialists - Rs. 1,000/-; Super Specialists - Rs. 2,000/-. *(50% concession for PEPS Members)

Service Charges:

(Subject to change, as per the decisions of Managing Committee of the Scheme from time to time)

a) For Purchase of Equipment through PEPS

An amount equal to 0.5 % of total purchase value of Equipment will be collected from the Hospital / Institution /PEPS Member for helping to purchase equipment through ‘PEPS’

b) From Institutions on Job Placement of Medical Professionals

An amount equal to 5.0 % of 1st Month Salary of particular employee will be collected from the Hospital / Institution for placement of medical professionals through ‘PEPS’

c) From Doctors on Job Placement

An amount equal to 2.5 % of 1st Month Salary will be collected from the particular Doctor for job placement through ‘PEPS’.

Download Application Form


The entire Bio-medical Waste generated in the State of Kerala is managed by IMAGE (IMA Goes Eco-friendly) initiative of IMA Kerala State Branch. The biomedical waste segregated at source is collected, transported and scientifically treated by IMAGE as per the Rules and Regulations stipulated by the Bio-medical Waste Management Rules 2016 [Amended in 2018].

IMAGE[Indian Medical Association Goes Eco-friendly]:

IMAGE Project was launched on 21st October 2001 by the Indian Medical Association, Kerala State Branch and the IMAGE Plant, the Common Biomedical Waste Treatment and Disposal Facility (CBWTF) established at Kanjikode, Palakkad, was commissioned on the 14th December 2003for the scientific management of biomedical waste generated from health care facilities in Kerala. IMAGE was conceived and launched to support the healthcare providers to overcome the challenges of disposal of hospital waste in accordance with the provision of the Biomedical Waste (Management and Handling) Rules 1998 with the approval of Kerala State Pollution Control Board.

IMAGE Management:

Under the auspices of IMA Kerala State, IMAGE is managed by a Management Committee consisting of Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Vice Chairman, Joint Secretaries and District Representatives. Apart from this there is a Purchase Committee, Vigilance Committee & Committee for upcoming Projects These Office-bearers are elected/nominated from among the IMA Members who regulate and manage all the activities through IMAGE Administrative Office functioning at IMA Head Quarters, Thiruvananthapuram.


IMAGE PLANT is situated in the midst of 23 acres of land at Manthuruthy, Kanjikode, Palakkad. There are 5 main Buildings & few small buildings for the plant with a total plinth area more than 60,000 sq.ft. IMAGE is now the largest Biomedical Waste Treatment Plant in India which has the capacity to treat more than 40 tons of Bio-medical waste per day.

The plant machinery includes 5 huge Incinerators(equipped with Online Continuous Stack Emission Monitoring System (O-CEMS), 5 Autoclaves, 4 Shredders, 150 meters long scrap sorting Conveyor belt system, 3 scrap grinders with washing equipment, 2 Hydraulic bundling machines, 2Bottle sorting machines, and two 125 KVA Generators and one 380 KVA Generator. There is a vehicle wash area of 2000 sq. ft. and a modern Effluent Treatment Plant with capacity to handle 4.5 lakhs liters per day for disinfecting all the effluents coming out during treatment of the waste. There are 64 Surveillance Cameras recording the activities within the plant, which is available for monitoring the plant activities, 24 hours a day. IMAGE has multiple rain water harvest systems including Micro-Watershed Based Rain Harvesting. There is a huge Green-belt surrounding the plant.

IMAGE is operated by about 500 staff working together for IMAGE, GJ Multiclav, Scrap dealers & Security agency.

Segregation of Bio-medical Waste at the source:

Colour coded bags and containers are provided to HCIs through IMA PEPS authorised dealers for segregation and collection of waste at source. Special training is imparted to hospital staff regarding segregation, collection& transportation to the common storage area within the HCI.

Transportation of Biomedical Waste:

Fifty-Three (53 Nos) GPS installed covered vehicles are arranged for collection of biomedical waste within 24 hours from the entire length& breadth of Kerala, which are specially designed as per the Biomedical Waste Management Rules and approved by the Pollution Control Board, which ply a total distance of 12,000 km per day. Each vehicle-crew includes a driver, a sanitary worker and a supervisor. Each vehicle collects segregated biomedical waste daily and are taken to the district transfer stations, from there directly to the plant at Palakkad taking all safety measures. All these vehicles are monitored through GPS Satellite Monitoring using AVL View Software Application. The movements of waste collection vehicles are monitored through GPS system and the waste collection is monitored through the mobile application system. Barcode based biomedical waste management has been implemented by IMAGE to monitor each waste bag from the collection source till the scientific treatment at the plant.

Biomedical waste treatment details:

On an average, about 40 Tonnes of Biomedical waste reaches the IMAGE plant daily, of which 20 Tonnes are Incinerable waste (collected in Yellow bags), 14 Tonnes are Autoclavable waste (collected in Red bags), 5 Tonnes are Glass-wares & Metals (collected in Blue Boxes) and 1 ton is Sharps (collected in white puncture proof containers). This 40 tons of biomedical waste is collected from all 12,900+ healthcare centres across the state of Kerala within 24 hours of its generation.

Affiliation Details as on 30.09.2018: The affiliated institutions are ensured the following services by IMAGE:

  • Training to concerned staff of the institution for scientific segregation, collection, safe handling& transportation of the biomedical waste.
  • Facilitation for procurement of appropriate Bar-coded & Colour-coded bags and containers for collection of segregated biomedical waste.
  • Collection of segregated biomedical waste from the institutions from the designated storage area.
  • Transportation of the collected waste in closed vehicles authorised by the Pollution Control Board.
  • Treatment and Disposal of the biomedical waste in scientific manner at the IMAGE plant, strictly adhering to the Biomedical Waste Management Rules 2016 [Amended 2018].
  • Maintain Records on the quantity of biomedical waste collected, transported, treated and disposed.
  • Provide necessary information to the health care institutions and the Pollution Control Board as and when necessary on Bio-medical waste generated, collected and disposed off from the affiliated institutions.
  • Create awareness among the public about the need for proper biomedical waste management & treatment

How to Join IMAGE?

IMAGE Affiliation can only be done Online through IMAGE website:

  • All Affiliation requests to IMAGE for Biomedical waste management is accepted only through Online Application
  • Affiliation Fee can be calculated by using the Affiliation Fee Calculator in the IMAGE website and take a Demand Draft favoring IMAGE, IMA Payable at Thiruvananthapuram. The Monthly Operational Charges will be displayed while applying online, on entering the facilities within the HCI.
  • The D.D along with print form of duly signed “filled-up Online-application Form” [Authorized Signatory with Official Seal] and duly signed “Terms & Conditions” should be sent by Post/Courier or handed over in person to: The Manager (Administration), IMAGE Administrative Office, IMA State Head Quarters, Anayara Post, Thiruvananthapuram - 695 029.

On Affiliation with IMAGE -CBWTF for the Biomedical waste management; the Healthcare Institution should simultaneously Register with the Kerala State Pollution Control Board& concerned LSGD. IMAGE will facilitate this process by furnishing the “IMAGE Affiliation Certificate” to the affiliated Health Care Institutions.

Payment Options to IMAGE:

  • By DD favouring IMAGE, IMA payable at Thiruvananthapuram
  • By Depositing through South Indian Bank to our Bank Account No.0236073000050584 [IFSCSIBL0000236]
  • Through the Payment Gateway of South Indian Bank inside IMAGE website: www.imageima.orgby the Customer Login Portal using the supplied Username & Password.

Other Services offered by IMAGE Kaumarasree Project:

“Kaumarasree” is an extension of Biomedical Waste Management activity of IMAGE for the scientific disposal of used sanitary napkins from the Girls’ Schools across the State.

Service offered to Pharmaceutical Companies:

Scientific disposal of Discarded Medicines and provision of statutory Destruction Certificates are the services offered by IMAGE to the registered Pharmaceutical Firms.

Future Concepts Need for additional Facility

The IMAGE Plant at Palakkad was established as a health industry wide response to a crisis in the handling of biomedical waste management and has taken the burden of handling a large capacity of average 40 tonnes of biomedical waste per day. However, due to the immense pressure felt on the facility at Palakkad, owing to the humungous volume of bio medical waste being brought into the facility on daily basis, the current situation of single CBWTF is not ideal for the state especially with its unique geographical layout, road congestions and high density of health care beds. Also, a risk mitigation strategy for a scenario of shutting down of the current plant in Palakkad due to unforeseen circumstances like a natural calamity which would lead to pile up on biomedical waste across the state due to lack of an alternate facility. Thus, IMAGE itself has advocated the concept of creating a more decentralized approach with division of the state into zones for logistical purposes and more efficiency in handling of biomedical waste.

BMW Collection from Residential Complexes & Apartments:

Bio Medical Waste emanating from the apartment complexes in the cities in Kerala is assuming humongous proportions [mainly sanitary napkins of the Elderly and the Bed-ridden] IMAGE is planning to be the first and only project in INDIA to scientifically collect, treat and dispose these domestic BMW, in future.

Diploma Course in BMW Management

IMAGE is planning to set up one research centre to facilitate training on Biomedical waste management solutions & also for training health care workers across the Kerala on safe handling & proper segregation of Biomedical waste. We have also initiated discussion with KUHAS, Calicut University, Annamalai University on starting a diploma / degree Course related to Biomedical Waste Management.

Mutual Benefit Scheme was first introduced in March 2001 after thorough deliberations in the Annual State Council meeting held at Thiruvananthapuram in November 2000.

The Aims are:

  • To provide financial support to the members
  • To provide the habit of thrift amongst the members
  • To encourage financial planning amongst the members
  • To support the activities of IMA Kerala State Branch.

Any member of IMA Kerala State Branch or an institution run by IMA members is eligible to become a member of the Scheme by joining any of the projects of the Scheme. Every member shall pay in monthly installments an amount depending on the project under which he joins. Total number of members in each project is 20 and IMA Kerala State Branch shall be a non-paying member in all projects. The monthly installment is due on 20th of every month and the monthly beneficiary will be selected by picking up lots on 25 of every month at office of the Secretary / IMA State Headquarters. The member who needs the Beneficiary amount should sent request to the secretary in advance and the amount will be paid on receipt of Promissory note duly signed and an undated cheque for the amount receivable, payable to Mutual Benefit scheme of IMA. Receipt for the amount received should be sent to secretary as early as possible for our records for auditing purpose.


Total amount

Beneficiary Installment

Monthly Payable













Member need to pay only 19 installments:



Scheme A (Rs.5000/- P.M)

Scheme B (Rs.10000/- P.M)

Scheme C (Rs.25000/- P.M) Rs.500000 for IMA




Rs.500000 for IMA

















































































Even if no one requests for advance payment in a month draw will be taken and amount will be paid to the member whose name comes up in the draw.



Website: www.imakhs.comEmail:,

            IMA Kerala Health Scheme, started on 1st July 2006, is meant to help our members to meet the needs of hospitalisation and investigations. Rules andregulations are coined to suit the needs of the members, and are amenable if need arises. Now the upper limit of reimbursement is Rs.3 lakhs for treatment of all diseases per member per year. IMA KHS works on the principle of mutual benefit among our members and family. The Scheme is not an insurance firm but our services are more prompt and incomparable and theyearly payment is lowwhen compared to the insurance companies. All the major diseases are included in the scheme and the scrutinisingcommittee and managing committee have the power to include more, as the need arises, from time to time.

            IMA member, their spouse, parents and children can join the scheme provided they are below 65 yearsof age. Advance Financial Assistance Contribution (AFAC) and Annual Subscription fees (AS) are to be paidevery year. Renewal Notice shall be sent in time every year. There will be no health screening for admission to the scheme.This is a tailor made scheme for IMA Members and their families.

Membership – Fee structure


Admission Fee (AF)


Annual Membership Subscription (AMS)


Advance Financial Assistance Contribution (AFAC)




For New Enrollment


Yearly Renewal


Less than 25





































SALIENT FEATURES OF THE SCHEME (See by laws for details)

Individuals up to the age of 65 years are eligible for membership in the scheme. Age is considered as on the date of receipt of duly filled applicationalong with cheque/ DD (subject to encashment) at the scheme office. Bills above Rs 5000/- shall only be considered for reimbursement. Maximum amount that can be reimbursed is Rs 3,00,000/- per membership year as per conditions laid on. The maximum amount for Major Transplant Surgeries (Heart, Liver, Lung and Kidney transplants) is Rs.5 Lakhs. Benefits of the scheme shall be given only to the members or beneficiary members (spouses, children and parents of an IMA member who have joined in the scheme) provided their membership is active (ie. renewed every year.)

Benefits of the Scheme .This scheme is entitled to be helpful to the members /beneficiary members to meet the heavy expenses for the management of coronary heart disease and surgical management of valvular heart diseases, management of renal failure, management of cancer, brain tumors involving surgical treatment and joint replacement surgery for hip and knee joints, spinal surgery, Trauma, major Transplant surgeries and all diseases requiring admission causing expenditure above Rs. 5000.00

1.Coronary Heart Disease:- Bypass surgery and Angioplasty required for the treatment of coronary heart disease and Valvular heart disease surgery will be covered under this scheme .Upper limit will be Rs. 3Lakhs/year.

2. Renal Failure: - Regular haemodialysis or renal transplantation required in the management of chronic irreversible failure of both the kidneys will be covered under the scheme.Upper limit is Rs 3lakhs/year. (Transplant Rs.5 Lakhs)

3. Malignancy: -Surgery, Radiotherapy and chemotherapy required for the treatment of all cancers will be covered under the scheme. Upper limit will be Rs.3 Lakhs/year.

4. Management of Brain Tumour: -Radiotherapy and chemotherapy required for the treatment of brain tumours will be covered under the scheme. Upper limit will be Rs. 3 Lakhs/year.

5. Major Surgeries: -Surgery for knee and hip joints, spinal stenosis and disc surgery or other major surgeries will be covered by the scheme with an upper limit of Rs 1 lakh.

6. Other diseases: -Any serious diseases requiring hospitalization will be covered with an upper limit of Rs 50,000/-.For multi system involved diseases and those requiring ventilator support the upper limit will be Rs.1 Lakh.

7. Major Transplant Surgeries:Rs.5 Lakhs/year

8.A member will get a maximum of benefit of Rs.3Lakh in one year for all diseases.

Procedure for Claim

a)It is mandatory that the member has to submit original papers as well as attested photo copies of treatment certificate, dischargesummary, breakup of bills, professional charges, cost of medicine and investigations and any other documents upon which a claim is based within 60 days of bill date / discharge from the hospital. The member shall also give additional information as demanded by the scheme which may be required in dealing with any claim. If a claim in any manner is found fraudulent or supported by false evidence, the scheme shall not be liable to make any payment and may lead to termination of membership. Original bills and papers will be given back to the member after verification, if needed, and self-addressed, stamped (for Speed Post) envelope should be enclosed for the purpose.

b)Eligible amount will be paid within 90 days from the submission of the original bills, papers and other documents upon which the claim is based. After verifying all the facts as prescribed by the managing committee, all payment shall be made by A/c. payee cheque/DD. Managing committee will have the discretion to pass / reject payment of bill in cases where they are not satisfied about the genuineness of the claim.

c)Members will be given reimbursement of 80% of total amountof the bill (after deductions, if any) not exceeding the sum limited to each diseases.

d)A member will get a maximum benefit of Rs.3 Lakhs in one year (For Major Transplant Surgeries Rs.5 Lakhs).

e)Diagnosis and treatment costing less than Rs.5000/ will not be covered under this scheme.

f)The managing committee is empowered to add or alter or delete the name of the list of institutions for treatment.

g)However, cost of treatment of members/beneficiary members shall be reimbursed regardless of whether they are recognized or not, provided the managing committee has not debarred them under any circumstances for any fraudulent action made in the records given to members.

h)No advance payment will be made to the members.

i)Managing committee of the scheme shall decide about the claim. State Working Committee of IMA KSB shall be the appellate body. No disputes can be challenged in any court of law.

j)New members of the scheme will get the benefit oncompletion of one year term after joining the scheme.(Lock in period)

l) Charges of engaging a special nurse or attendant will not be reimbursed.

m) Expense incurred on travel or ambulance will not be allowed.

n) Food, laundry and telephone bills will not be reimbursed.

o) Claim for treatment in systems other than Modern Medicine will not be allowed.

p) Claim on cosmetic treatment, dental procedures, external appliances like spectacle, hearing aids etc will not be reimbursed.

q)Room rent up to Rs. 1000/- per day will only be considered for reimbursement.


DR.ROY R CHANDRAN 9349413831

Hon Secretary, IMA Kerala Health Scheme


KOZHIKODE - 673017 , Mob: 9539332426



Document 1: Click here to view

Document 2: Click here to view


  1. To provide financial assistance to the member who has become temporary/ permanently disabled thereby rendering him unfit to practice his profession
  2. To run old age homes, palliative care clinics, solely for philanthropic objectives without any profit motive
  3. To support the activities of Kerala State Branch

Commencement of the scheme: 2017


Any life member of IMA KSB upto the age of 80 is eligible to become a member of PDSS.

The members are divided into 3 groups according to the age. This is for admission purpose and giving disability benefits.

                   Group 1    :    Age 60 to 80 years

                   Group 2    :    Age 40 to 59 years

                   Group 3    :    Age less than 40 years

For members of group 1, it’s mandatory to have minimum 5 years of life membership for joining the scheme.


                   Group 1     :    INR.15000/-

                   Group 2     :    INR.10000/-

                   Group3      :    INR. 5000/-


1. Annual fees: - Every member of DDSS shall pay Rupees — 1000/- (Rupees one Thousand only) every year us annual fees. It will be divided as follow

                   a.    Rs.700 to the scheme

                   b.    Rs.300 to State IMA

2. Every member of PDSS shall pay disability contribution as units of INR. 500/- to each permanently disabled member on demand of the honorary secretary of the scheme each year as stated below.

                   Group 1     :    1 unit (INR.500/-)

                   Group 2     :    1.5 units (INR.750/-)

                   Group 3     :    2 units (INR.1000/-)

3. Every member of PDSS shall pay disability contribution of INR. 100/- to each temporarily disabled member on demand of the honorary secretary of the scheme each year

4. Contribution towards death benefits. During the event of unfortunate death of a member, the family will be given death benefit. This will be a fixed amount of 50,000/-. The total amount of death benefits paid each year by the scheme will be equally divided among the active members.


  1. On the event of disability of a member, the support fund for the disabled member shall be calculated as given in clause VI. Net membership is calculated by subtracting total number of honorary members + total number of permanently disabled members (retired members) + total number of terminated members + total number of deleted members from the total enrolment number on the previous day of occurrence of disability of a member.
  2. On the receipt of information scheme member or from a responsible person of a scheme members family that the member had become permanently disabled there by rendering him unfit to practice his profession, such a member can avail financial help from the support fund. In that event of availing financial help from the support fund, he shall be considered as a retired member and his membership shall stand terminated. The dues of the scheme if any shall be subtracted from the amount he gets from the support fund.
  3. The decision of disability shall be at the report and recommendation of the medical board.
  4. If disability occurs, the member should inform the scheme authorities through the local IMA branch within six months of the occurrence of the disease so as to get ample time for the constitution and evaluation by the medical board.
  5. On the event of disability of a member, the support fund will be paid to the member only if he has been a member of the scheme for at least 2 years of date of joining the scheme.
  6. The scheme will start payment only when 1000 members are reached


A handicap arising out of a disease or accident which makes a member disabled to pursue his professional activities for a period of 6 months or more. This financial support will be finalised after the report of the medical board. If the disability persists for more than a year; the medical board will evaluate the member again and if found as having permanent disability; the financial support for permanent disability will be given after subtracting the amount given for temporary disability.


A handicap arising out of a disease or accident which makes a member disabled to pursue his professional activities permanently. This will be decided by the medical board.

HONORARY MEMBERS:A member will become an honorary member if he makes payment for 20 years without any claims for temporary disability benefits OR 25 years if he had claimed for temporary disability benefits. These members need not make any further payments and will enjoy all the benefits of an ordinary member.


            Chairman shall nominate Medical Board members in consultation with the State President. The medical board will consist of 5 members out of which one shall be a specialist concerned with evaluating the specific disability which the diseased member is suffering from.(For example; locomotor disability will be assessed by a Physiatrist or Orthopaedic surgeon; Speech and hearing by ENT surgeon etc.) The chairman of the board will be any one of the managing committee members. They have the right to inspect the medical records of the disabled members and shall submit their reports and recommendations to the Managing Committee.                     

Office address:

Dr. Rajesh Kumar M.P., Secretary - PDSS

GA, Near Bus Stand, Vythiri P.O. Wayanad - 673676

Tel: 04936-255700 Mob: 8547858970

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            Doctors are capable of making their livelihood while they are active in the profession whereas they may not be able to gain anything while they are incapacitated particularly at old age. As the longevity of life is increasing all over the world, doctors are also expected to have a pretty long retired life. Moreover, because of the ever-changing scientific scenario, doctors after a particular age, may not be able to practice and compete with young doctors. Hence a regular support for doctors at old age is essential.  That is why IMA KSB brought out the pension scheme.


Aims and Objectives


  1. To provide pension to Life members of Indian Medical Association preferably
    after 60 years.

b. To encourage doctors to save for the future at an early age.

c. To extend financial help to disabled members of the scheme.

d. To conduct projects which will be beneficial to the scheme members.

e. To support geriatric and palliative care activities of IMA KSB.


Eligibility for Membership:  Any life member of IMA KSB can join the scheme.  


Terms and conditions


a.   Pension can be requested  when the member attains 60 years of age.

b.   Membership of IMA Pension Scheme comes into effect only when the membership certificate signed by the Chairman and the Hon. Secretary is issued to the member.

c.   Members who join the scheme in the first year will be designated as Founder Members of the scheme.

d.   There is lock in period of one year when member joins after the age of 60.

Contributions of the scheme


            a. Admission Fees

                        45 and below     - Rs.3000/-

                        Above 45          -            Rs.5000/-

            b. Annual Membership: Every member of the scheme shall pay Rs. 500/- every year as annual membership fee.

            c. A member can continue to be member of this Scheme and contribute to the scheme up to the age of 60 years or further, till he prefers to avail the pension.

            d. Contribution for the Scheme shall be paid in a financial year before 31st March (of every year).

            e. Minimum contribution will be Rs.12000/- (Rupees twelve thousand only) per year. This can be paid quarterly, half yearly or yearly.

            f. A member can deposit any amount above 12000/- in a year.

            g. The pension amount depends upon capital amount and interest rate in force. Depending upon the revision of interest rate of the Nationalized Bank, pension amount varies.


Death and Disability


  1. In case the Scheme member dies before availing the pension, capital amount with accrued interest will be paid to the nominee. If the scheme member dies after availing pension, 100% of the capital amount with  accrued interest will be paid over to the nominee.
  2. In case of permanent disability of the member before availing pension, an extra amount will be added to his capital amount considering the number of years of contribution to the scheme. This will be decided by the Managing committee of the Scheme and pension will be paid accordingly.                     
  3. If any member at any time ceases to be the member of IMA KSB, his Membership in the Scheme will cease automatically.
  4. If the nominee does not want the deposited amount or the balance amount of the policy, the amount may be utilized for charity work of the scheme.


Pension disbursement

(a)   30% of pension corpus of a member to be paid to the member at the time of       starting pension payment, if requested.

(b)   Pension given for life from the remaining 70% corpus amount of the member.

(c)  Pension to be given to the nominee, if nominee is spouse for his/her life (after paying lump sum 30% corpus at the time of death of member if requested).

(d)   Full maturity amount paid in to nominee, if not opting for pension for spouse.


Office address:

Dr. Anoop Koshy Mathew, Hon. Secretary, Pension scheme IMA KSB

IMA House, Near District Court, Thalassery, Kannur – 670101 Mobile - 9847446598.


        For any queries and requests for pension scheme joining forms, please email to

Document 1: Click here to view

Nammude Arogyam Magazine is being published regularly by IMAKSB. This magazine helps in narrowing the gap between general population and the doctor community. It helps in educating the people regarding their health problem. Al l PP scheme members are regularly getting the magazine. Other members and the public can subscribe to the magazine. Al l IMA members can send articles. All members should be encouraged to mobilise more advertisement for the magazine in order to attain more financial stability

The idea behind the journal is to disseminate scientific information to the members of the IMA, which should be useful and interesting to all sections of Doctors from General Practitioners to Super Specialists. All members are welcome to send their scientific contributions for publication. The journal is also available online.

The Research Cell will conduct studies on matters of public health and provide directions for implementation of IMA initiatives.

Aim is to safeguard the ethical standards in the Medical Profession. The State President nominates the Chairman and Convener of the Committee. 10 senior reputed doctors in the State are nominated as the Committee members. The ethics committee receives complaints and grievances from the public and also from doctors against hospitals and Doctors. The committee will take decisions on the complaints in the sittings of the committees in which the complainants are examined in detail and accused summoned for personal hearing.

Aim is to safeguard the ethical standards in the Medical Profession. The State President nominates the Chairman and Convener of the Committee. 10 senior reputed doctors in the State are nominated as the Committee members. The ethics committee receives complaints and grievances from the public and also from doctors against hospitals and Doctors. The committee will take decisions on the complaints in the sittings of the committees in which the complainants are examined in detail and accused summoned for personal hearing.

HIV/AIDS epidemic is a rapidly evolving subject. Facts and figures pertaining to disease burden and coverage of programs keep varying every month. So, IMA updates the information on HIV/AIDS through training programs, workshops and CME programs for doctors and integrates programs across Kerala for prevention, treatment and care and support for people living with HIV/AIDS as a social commitment

IMA News is the official organ of IMA Kerala State Branch carrying reports of various activities at all levels. This reaches to all the members of IMA inside the State and to all the Branch Officials outside the State and National Headquarters. Reports of branch activities to be highlighted in the IMA News should reach the Editor on or before 5th of every month. Branch officials and members can send in interesting news items on health and related matters for publication. Classified advertisements of members will be published at nominal rates. Branch officials can try to obtain advertisements, the details of which can be discussed with the editor

IMA Women's wing started in 1999. It is a National level organization of lady doctors, but in Kerala we include non-medical wives also as honorary members. Apart from dealing with the problem of lady doctors and women in general, IMA Women wing is entrusted with the social service activities of IMA KSB. There are Forty Seven Branches of IMA Women's Wing in Kerala.


  • General: The Women members of the IMA shall become members of the wing on payment of prescribed life membership fee of Rs.150/- and admission fee of Rs.30/-
  • Honorary Members: Non-doctor wives of IMA Members shall become honorary members of the wing on payment of Life membership fee of Rs.150/- and admission fee of Rs. 30/-
  • Ex-Officio Members: The State President shall be the President, State Secretary shall be Ex-officio member of the state wing of WIMA. The Branch President shall be the President and Branch Secretary shall be Ex-officio member of the wing at the Branch level.

Present budget, prepare accounts and monitor accounts of IMA KSB and various schemes and Projects.

The Wing will promote cultural activities of members and family members.

Contents will be updated soon

Will monitor and take effective measures to prevent quackery to protect health of the citizens.

To achieve the political objective of maintaining the benign influence of the medical profession on the healthcare industry, IMA steps in with the initiative of Hospital Board of India. IMA will strive to improve quality of services and ensure better patient safety.

Aims and Objectives

  • To assist and equip all healthcare institutions to provide quality healthcare to people by facilitating accreditation.
  • To facilitate all healthcare institutions to play their effective role in public health.
  • To represent and safeguard the interest of all health care institutions and their personnel irrespective of their affiliation.



All health care institutions with inpatient care can avail affiliation.

  • Health care institutions should offer modern medicine services.
  • Health care institutions should be sponsored by a life member of IMA who should represent the particular institution either in administrative or professional capacity.
  • Affiliation accrues by forwarding a formal application form with an affiliation fee as determined by the board of directors from time to time.

Affiliation Fee:


  • Hospitals with less than 20 Beds: Rs.1500/3 years and Entry Fee of Rs. 500/-
  • Hospitals with 20 to 50 Beds: Rs.3000/3 years and Entry Fee of Rs.1000/-
  • Hospitals with 50 to 100 Beds: Rs.6000/3 years and Entry Fee of Rs.2000/-
  • Hospitals with 100 Beds and above: Rs.9000/3 years and Entry Fee of Rs.3000/-
  • Hospitals with300 beds and above 15000/3years and entry fee of Rs 5000/-

State Chapters Wherever state chapters of HBI are in existence, hospitals and other health care institutions have to affiliate only through the state chapters. The affiliation fee would be at Rs 500 per institution for a term of 5 years. The state chapter should pay this affiliation fee on behalf of its affiliated institutions to HBI. This can also be paid at Rs 100 per institution every year by the state chapter. The state chapters will be free to fix their own affiliation fee to be collected from their healthcare institutions

State advisory committee will consist of past Presidents of IMA KSB who have been elected by the state council to the CWC. The Committee will advice President on such matters of the association, sought by the President/ State executive board.

IMA Kerala Doctors' Club is a wing of the IMA Kerala State Branch. This is a State-level Club of IMA KSB for its members and it is only for IMA members. The main activities include indoor games, cultural activities, health club, gymnasium, playschool, children's park, 24-hour restaurant, taxi services, library, internet club, monthly concert and similar activities suggested by members. The membership in Doctors' Club will be given only to IMA members (life or annual) and the membership will be automatically forfeited when the doctor ceases to be an IMA member. There are three types of membership, namely, life, annual and temporary. The temporary membership is of two types, namely, Spot membership and Guest Membership- Temporary membership is for doctors who stay temporarily at the headquarters building to give them a chance to involve in club activities during their stay. The fee for temporary membership is Rs.25 per stay for single individual and Rs.40 for a family. Temporary membership is only for club services. No fee will be charged for availing canteen facility. The Guest Membership fee is Rs.30 per stay for doctors who are not IMA members and Rs.50 for a family.

The prestigious Project of IMA KSB, the Training Institute which is known as IMA Institute of Medical Sciences (IMA IMS) .The aim of IMA IMS is to have an Institute at the State Headquarters to train Doctors, Paramedical staff and other categories of Hospital Staff on Doctor-Patient relationship. Communication Skills, Leadership training, Time management and also improving professional skills. The Institute is also planned for training of children of IMA members in personality development, public speaking, leadership and also entrance coaching.

Establish student wing in all medical colleges and co- ordinate state level activities.

To Co- ordinate various activities of membership development.

Each District will have a District Committee with a Chairman and District Co- ordinator nominated by the State President. The District Committee will act as per the direction from the State given from time to time. The District programmes can be effectively implemented involving the branch officials. The Branch Presidents, Vice Presidents, Secretaries, Treasures, Joint Secretaries and SWC members will be members of the district committee. All the state office bearers from the district will also be the members.

IMA Periyar House, Aluva

Is the residential cum leisure project of IMA Kerala state branch, situated at Desom, Aluva on the banks of Periyar river. The facility is just 3 Km away from Kochi airport. It has 52 premium, 2BHK apartments with an area of 1375 square feet each. The facilities are as follows 


1st FLOOR  : 16 Suite rooms, 2 rest rooms, 500 pax hall,  Dining area, Lobby, Office area

2nd Floor  :  Gym, Jacuzzi, Library, Restaurant, Kitchen, Mini conference hall, Board room

3rd FLOOR  :Court, Home Theatre, Game room, Outdoor Lounge, Lobby, Terrace, 4 APARTMENTS (1500 SQ.FEET)

4th FLOOR-12thFLOOR : 6 apartments in each floor, 1375 sq ft each

  TOTAL OF 6 X 8 + 4    =   52 apartments

Cost of Apartment:  APARTMENT COST 1375 x 4225/ sq ft,   Rs.58,00,000, Registration,  furnishing extra

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